Fractional cover - Landsat, JRSRP algorithm

Vegetation fractional cover represents the exposed proportion of green, non-green, and bare cover within each pixel. Landsat-scale ground cover information is important for soil erosion and nutrient flux estimates into the stream network, as well as assessing the impact of human activities.

    Landsat, JRSRP, ground cover, cover
    CC-BY 3.0
    30 m resolution; Australia
    At least one image per year captured during the local dry season; 2000 to 2011
    Deprecated. Transitioned to seasonal aggregates. FC scenes available via the AGDC

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TERN AusCover supports a nationally consistent approach to the calibration, validation, and delivery of earth observation data products. To ensure that earth observation data is useful to a wide range of users, the collection and delivery of this data needs to be accurate, precise, and use reproducible methods. To support the earth observation community in achieving a high quality and consistent approach nationwide, we’ve developed our ‘Good Practice Guidelines’ that provide advice on calibrating and validating earth observation data.
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