SLATS Star transects

Each plot consists of three transects laid out in a star shape, with 100 observations along each (300 observations in total). Transect measurements include a densitometer for measuring woody vegetation, a laser pointer for measuring the ground cover and low woody vegetation and basel measurements.

    densitometer, point intercept
    CC-BY 3.0
    1 ha resolution; AusCover field sites
    1 day composites; 2011 to ongoing, specific capture dates for each site
    Updated intermittently with new sites or reprocessing

Download our ‘Good Practice Guidelines’

TERN AusCover supports a nationally consistent approach to the calibration, validation, and delivery of earth observation data products. To ensure that earth observation data is useful to a wide range of users, the collection and delivery of this data needs to be accurate, precise, and use reproducible methods. To support the earth observation community in achieving a high quality and consistent approach nationwide, we’ve developed our ‘Good Practice Guidelines’ that provide advice on calibrating and validating earth observation data.
The Guidelines are provided as a free and accessible tool to anyone working in earth observation. They are also intended to be a dynamic resource that will be updated over time as new knowledge and best-practice processes emerge. Please contact us if you have feedback or questions.
The Guidelines draw upon the knowledge and experience of our national expert network, and also internationally agreed protocols and standards. We are grateful to the external and international reviewers who refined the Guidelines prior to their release.

Download the Guidelines here