With our partners, we produce maps that show land-cover and biophysical variables across Australia. Researchers, government, and industry use our maps, so it’s important to us to keep improving them to provide the best information possible. We use satellite images of Australia to develop our maps, along with fieldwork to “tie” the satellite images to real observations. We do as much fieldwork as we can, but we can only get to so many locations across Australia. That is where you come in! You can use your local knowledge, photos, and observations to check our maps and help us improve them.

How can I help?

You can view our maps in the Geo-Wiki tool, with Google Earth as a backdrop. You can then check if our classifications of areas on the map are correct or not. If they are correct you can let us know, and if they’re incorrect you can submit information, photos and suggestions on what classification would be better. The system sends us a message so we can check your information and correct the map accordingly. This means that with your help, over time, we can produce continually better maps.

To get started, download the instructions and then head to: http://www.geo-wiki.org/branches/auscover/

The Geo-Wiki is used by a number of Australian University classes. If you’re in education at any level and are interested in using the Geo-Wiki in your classes please contact us.

Land Cover Dynamics & Phenology
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Vegetation Composition & Diversity
Fire Dynamics & Impacts
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Corrected Surface Reflectance Products
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Vegetation Structural Properties & Biomass

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